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Refund Policy

Eligibility for Refunds:

Refunds of advance or full payments will only be issued before dispatching the assigned ambulance from the base location.

No refunds will be granted if the ambulance is en route to the pick-up location.

No refunds will be issued if the hospital at the drop-off location does not provide a bed for the patient.

Refunds will only be approved if you cancel your ambulance before it is dispatched.

Refund Procedure:

Contact customer care support via phone (9015159159) or email:

Provide relevant information such as invoice number, date of service, reason for the refund request, etc.

After verifying the situation and details, you will receive a confirmation email that your refund is approved, and our team will ask you to provide your banking details for the refund process.

You will receive your refund within 7 working days.


If an attendant books an ambulance without making an advance payment, it will not be considered a confirmed booking, and Life Express Healthcare will not be responsible if the ambulance is occupied or if there are delays in providing ambulance services.

If an attendant books an ambulance without making an advance payment and if Life Express Healthcare dispatches an ambulance for that call, and the booking is cancelled, in that case, the attendant needs to pay half of the total booking amount.


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