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Home Care Policy

Terms and Conditions for Homecare

1. Definitions: Under this Homecare services of Life Express Homecare, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the following meanings

a) Client: Both Patient and the Next to Kin, who signs this Form will be considered as Client to Life Express Homecare

b) Caregiver: The person who is assigned to by Life Express Homecare and who give the requisite service(s) as requested in the Registration form to the patient. A Caregiver will be:

  1. For nursing service- Nurse;
  2. For general Patient care- General Duty Assistant;
  3. For X-Ray Tests- Radiologist/ Technician;
  4. For    pathological    sample   collection    {Blood,    urine,   stool,  sputum    etc.)-Laboratory    technician/ Phlebotomist.
  5. For Physiotherapy- Physiotherapist

c) Contract: Upon receipt of a signed Registration Form from a Life Express Homecare shall evaluate the viability for providing the requested services(s) to the Client. If Life Express Homecare chooses to enroll/register a Patient   under Life Express Homecare services, an individual Registration Number shall be generated against the Patient mentioned in the Registration Form and confirm the Client of registration. Upon such registration a contract for the requested services shall be automatically created between the Client and Life Express Homecare applying the terms and conditions of this Registration Form

d) Contract Documents: Upon registration of a client under Clause (c) above, all documents exchanged between the Client and Life Express Homecare shall be considered as Contract Documents, including but not limiting to this Registration Form duly signed by the Client, Shift schedules and any other documents that is exchanged in consequent to this Registration Form and Its acceptance

e) Contract Period: Shall be the agreed period for any service(s) requested by client and agreed t o be provided by Life Express Homecare separately in consequent to this Registration Form and its acceptance and it s renewal, if any-

f) Location: Shall be the place of. which address being provided in this Registration Form for providing the service(s), or any modification there of as per Clause 4.5 below

g) Patient: Person for whom the homecare service(s) are requested to be provided under this Homecare Services of Life Express Homecare

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