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Life Express has launched its state of the art 5G enabled smart ambulance in Gurugram. These ambulance in Gurugram provide live patient monitoring data to the hospital doctors. These ambulance in Gurugram ‘s attendant as the doctor in the hospital can monitor patients vitals and suggest appropriate procedure to the paramedic in the ambulance before the patient is shifted to the hospital.

This is helping the doctors to get the emergency bed ready and the necessary drugs ready much before the ambulance reaches the hospital. These smart ambulances also ensure that the staff provides the best care to the patients as they are monitored in every step.
No matter where the ambulance is, our supervisors ensure that the ambulance is sanitized, working properly and

 Life express Healthcare is committed to the people through its ambulance in Gurugram.  Many hospitals our now preferring Life Express Ambulance in Gurugram rather than using their own fleet.

Life Express has introduced more than 50+ self owned critical care ambulance in Gurugram which has helped the hospitals in reducing call cancellations. Life Express ambulance in Gurugram has also helped  reduce the average response time of ambulance in Gurguram  by placing ambulances across the city.

For example, if a patient wants to go to Medanta, the nearest Medanta ambulance in Gurugram will come from Medanta itself. Whereas, Life Express places its ambulance in Gurugram not just in the top 5 hospitals but also close to the patients home.

This is because Life Express has tie ups with more than 50+ hospitals and therefore Life Express ambulance in Gurugram provide quick pickups to patient who might want to go to Medanta but have their home at a distance.

Life Express Way of catering to emergency calls:

Customer calls on Life Express number 9015-159-159 whenever they need an ambulance in Gurugram or anywhere across Delhi-NCR. Based on patients location, Life Express finds the nearest ambulance in Gurugram and then automatically dispatches it. The paramedic in the ambulance gets the notification which includes patients location, chief complaint and a masked phone number. This ensures instant dispatching while avoiding the need to talk over the phone. The attendant who asked for Life Express ambulance in Gurugram also receives the tracking information and a masked paramedic number. Life Express ambulance TAT and quality is maintained by its unique criticality dashboard which measures the drivers and the paramedics efficiency.

All our ambulance in Gurugram are properly maintained. Each Ambulance in Gurugram is checked daily by the paramedic and the pilot to ensure no issues during transportation. The staff maintains a checklist on a daily basis to ensure adequate life saving medicines are present as well as working of the equipment such as ventilator, monitor, suction machine, defibrillator. Life Express has 3 layer of safety checks where first check is done by the staff of the ambulance followed by zonal supervisors who have 10 ambulance in Gurugram under them. Furthermore,  our state heads also inspect each ambulance in Gurugram. The objective is to ensure that every person is completely responsible for the safety of the patient and 0% breakdowns during the golden hour.

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