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Ambulance Services in Paschim Vihar

Quick Ambulance Services Number in Paschim Vihar- Life Express

Life Express has captured the West area of Delhi by stationing ambulance in Paschim Vihar, MGS hospital Punjabi Bagh, Maggo Hospital Uttam Nagar, Metro Hospital, Kheterpal Hospital, Kapoor Medical Centre etc. We have reduced the headache of many hospitals and patients for transporting critical patients quickly and especially during high demand as Life Express brings with itself its fleet of 150+ self owned critical ambulance in Paschim vihar. Life Express has reduced the average response time of ambulance in Paschim vihar from 1 hour to less than 30 minutes through its systematic placement of ambulances. Ambulance in Paschim Vihar have been stationed based on the analysis of data and patient requirement.

Furthermore, Life Express has also integrated all its ambulance in Paschim vihar with smart technology involving real time patient monitoring system. With this support, ambulance in Paschim vihar competes with the likes of USA and Europe. These ambulance helps in providing quality treatment to patient by trained paramedic under the guidance of a senior doctor who is monitoring the patient from the hospital. The doctor in the hospital can login via wifi or internet on any device such as laptop, phone and directly monitor the patient as well as have a conference call with the paramedic.

Patients who have used our ambulance in Paschim Vihar have seen how our smart ambulances can save lives due to the continuous monitoring by hospital doctors.

All ambulances in Paschim Vihar have CE certified equipment to ensure 99.99% accuracy with those of super specialty hospitals. Unlike other vendors who may use cheap ventilators and monitors, LE uses branded equipment only  in ambulances in Paschim Vihar.

Life Express decided to scale across Delhi-NCR with its own fleet of ambulances instead of using vendor ambulances like other aggregators due to the huge void in the capabilities of ambulance operators. Even though  ambulance in Paschim vihar consists of emergency equipment, they are not properly maintained, timely calibrated and working at par with the equipment in the hospital.

Life Express Healthcare provides extensive training to the drivers and paramedics in ambulances in Paschim Vihar  in hospitals by our anesthetists to ensure that they provide the same level of treatment as an ICU hospital staff. Even the doctors that move in our ambulance in Paschim vihar have an experience of more than 2 years in critical care in hospitals such as AIIMS, Safdarjung, RML. Before a patient is picked by any ambulance in Paschim Vihar, the paramedic of the ambulance performs safety checks involving any injuries, checking patient vitals and then accordingly shifts the patient. If the patient is not responding properly in the ambulance in Paschim Vihar then the paramedic may coordinate with the hospital doctor via their smart ambulance app and discuss the issue. The doctor depending on the patient condition may issue a prescription to the paramedic directly on the smart app if needed. This helps the paramedic to stabilize the patient before the patient reaches the hospital.

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