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Life Express Healthcare, strives to raise the performance of the healthcare industry by providing high quality care, based on the traditional values of customer service and satisfaction.

Our company provides end-to-end healthcare support to the general public, corporates and hospitals.

We provide assistance in the form of ambulance services, medical equipment and medical emergency rooms. We also provide highly experienced and certified healthcare professionals .

Our Team

Our diverse team of doctors, paramedics, biomedical engineers, managers and pilots, help us accomplish each task, through compassion and professionalism

Our directors’ expertise in healthcare management, coupled with passion to provide a world-class infrastructure for healthcare, has led to the successful implementation of new solutions and technologies in our services.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To provide quality healthcare at affordable price

To provide quality quality healthcare to patients,
conforming to scientific and ethical standards

To continously audit and improve your services

Our Mission

To provide all emergency and medical services
with minimum response time and maximum expertise.